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Once you’ve done our course and found a job it can be very easy to think that you know how to handle whatever’s thrown at you as a property manager. Obviously this is always our aim, but one thing that can so often trip people up is how to manage their tenants over the Christmas period.

During this time there are a lot of people who aren’t at work, which makes property management a bit more of a challenge. The easy answer is make sure everything is done before Christmas starts looming. . . but Murphy’s law means that as soon as things start winding down one of your tenants will have a crisis.

Focus and Prioritise

Most issues that arise aren’t urgent, and can wait until normality has returned in January. It’s very important to still make contact with your tenants, make sure that if they have sent you a message or raised an issue that you reply to them. Even if the reply is just to tell them that you will schedule for somebody to come out in the New Year, it’s important. If your tenants feel like you’re not communicating with them properly then this will lead to them not trusting you, so keeping in contact is crucial.

If something urgent does need to be done then there are people who are working during the Christmas period. Some tradies continue to work through Christmas and take on emergency jobs, but they will charge significantly more than normal so try to leave this as a last resort.

Get Everything Organised Early

In the weeks leading up to Christmas you should be working to make sure that things will tick over successfully over Christmas. That means speaking to tenants earlier than you normally would. By doing this you should be able to stop a backlog of work from building up that needs to be done at the start of January.

If you have ongoing queries, or if you need a definitive answer form a tenant about something, then make sure you contact them early enough to ensure they give you an answer before the Christmas break. Now that Christmas is only a couple of weeks away the best thing to do is to resolve as many of the ongoing queries that you have; any that you know will not reach a conclusion before Christmas then communicate this honestly with your tenants so that they know what to expect.


Make sure you’re organised this Christmas and you’ll be able to provide your tenants with the best service.