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Our main goal with everyone who comes through our course is to make sure that at the end of it they have a new job to go to. So far we have a 100% success rate, and we plan on keeping that record going.

Our emphasis on getting a job out of our course means that we are hugely focused on making sure that you are as prepared as possible for that first day of work. If you turn up knowing what you need to do and sharing part of the knowledge that we have gained from years in the industry then you will fly along. This not only makes you look good, but it also makes us look good: that’s how you know we’re just as invested in this as you are.

Beat The First Day Nerves

The first day is always going to be nerve wracking, no matter how prepared you are. But what we want to do is to make sure that once the initial jitters are out of the way you feel confident in what you are doing.

If you managed to get a job as a property manager without this training then you would be constantly fighting an uphill battle. You would be looking to prove yourselves to your new employers, but instead you would be struggling to find your feet and figure out what you need to do.

Our students have commented that they were surprised, and they surprised the people around them, when they stepped into their first day of work and they just knew what they needed to do. It makes and amazing first impression and allows our graduates to follow on with confidence. And that’s our aim with everyone that comes through out course.

Raising The Bar

The standard of property managers across the country is on the rise, and you do not want to end up at the bottom of the pile. Our students are among those who have been raising the standard for property managers everywhere

Make sure you’re ready for that first day for that first day of work.

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