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If you’ve decided not to go to university then you have a lot of options to choose from. The problem is knowing how to get into an industry straight out of school. This is why in our course we put an emphasis on making sure that people are ready to join the workforce, and we help them to secure their job: the perfect alternative to uni.

Getting A Job

One of the main things that employers look for when they’re going through the interviewing / hiring process is how much experience someone has. This is a daunting thought if you are straight out of school, when you’ve spent your time learning rather than gaining experience.

There are 2 main ways of getting around this.

  • Take an entry level or intern position. The pay probably wouldn’t be what you want, but because you pay is low you are expected to still be learning. You then have the option of either progressing within the company that you’re now in, or gaining the experience that you need to be able to apply for a higher position elsewhere.
    • The main downside of this plan is that you may have to spend several years in a job that isn’t necessarily what you want to do, and your pay may not be what you’re after.
  • Do a course that gives you both the information and the experience that you need. We give our students work experience as well as classes. You may not then have years of experience, but the experience alongside the classroom training amounts to a lot of knowledge.

Learn Through Working

A lot of people are brought up to believe that university is the only way to gain a successful career, but in reality you learn just as much if not more through working. So many people come out of uni unprepared for joining the workforce, but if you’ve learned wile working then you will find your feet much faster.

We have our next course starting on 18 February, and we’re very excited to help a new batch of students start a successful career. Interested? Get in touch or enrol now.