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4 weeks face to face training both in a classroom and practical training work experience and assessments completed at home and in an operating real estate office.

The Certificate of Registration Course is the minimum educational requirement you need to work in the real estate industry, as a real estate salesperson or property manager in Queensland. The Certificate of Registration allows you to work in an agency under the supervision of a licensee or real estate principal. The rego is not included in this enrollment option, but we do have an option that does include the rego.


Week 1
You will learn: Classroom training covering: Communication, Customer Service and Time Management | Securing new tenants | New tenancy.
Milestone: Understand the role of a Property Manager and how to deliver great customer service in all areas .

Week 2
You will learn: Real world experience through Practical Training in a real estate office and Classroom training covering: Routine Inspections, Compliance and Lease Renewals | Maintenance throughout the tenancy compliance.
Milestone: Sign up your first tenants and be able to care for the tenancy along the way.

Week 3
You will learn: Real world experience through Practical Training in a real estate office and Classroom training covering: Break lease and change of shared tenancy | Leasing, listing, marketing and advertising | Vacating procedures and dispute resolution
Milestone: Design and market a  property for lease and manage the tenancy.

Week 4 
You will learn: Real world experience through Practical Training in a real estate office, Resume skills and mock interviews through Career Mentoring and Classroom training covering: Arears, eviction and QCAT | Trust accounting and invoicing | New business prospecting, marketing and securing | Change of agency and lost management
Milestone: Prepared professional resume and CV and multiple interviews lined up/already completed.

Before you Enrol…

To complete an TPMAA course transparently, you will need:

  • a Laptop, Mac or Windows computers are both compatible (Windows 8 or above)
  • the latest version of Adobe Reader (currently Adobe Reader 11)
  • internet access at home or work after the face-to-face classroom course is complete so you can finish the assessments via the online learning platform

Once you enrol with TPMAA, you will receive a confirmation email containing important information. However, if you still have questions please contact TPMAA via live chat or enquiry form.


Upon Completion…

Upon the successful completion of your assessments and successful lodgement of your Statement of Attainment. You will receive a certificate of registration which allows you to work in an agency. You will be job ready to start as a property manager under the supervision of a licensee or principal (you have 6 months to complete).


Why Choose TPMAA?

TPMAA Is the most comprehensive property management course available in Australia and the only course that offers a job placement service upon completion. It is a blend of classroom training from industry leaders and practical training in an operating real estate office. The outcome of the 4-week comprehensive course is you will be helped by our Job Placement service and ready to start your career as a property manager in the real estate industry. Expected Starting salary is approximately 48 0000 per annum if aged over 21 years.

Property management Certificate Modules

Communication customer service and time management
Role of a property manager Importance of a property manager to a real estate office
Database and source of clients provided by a rent roll
Efficiency and time management
Managing clients expectations Recording Information Ideal week
Securing New Tenants
Tenancy application process
Verifying tenancy information
Application approval and process
New Tenancy
Preparation of documents
Tenancy agreement and sign up documents
Bond lodgement and sign up procedure
Entry condition report procedure and process
Smoke Alarm and Safety switch laws and information
Water consumption charges
Maintenance throughout the tenancy and compliance
Maintenance request procedure and recording of information
Urgent and non-urgent general maintenance
Follow up procedure and invoicing using your software
Trades person liability and compliance
Routine Inspections and compliance
The importance and frequency of routine inspections
Organising inspection and notice periods required RTA guidelines
Completing RTA forms and reports
Routine inspection flowchart
Lease Renewals
Managing expectations and market conditions
Lessor instructions rent increase procedure and time frames
Fixed term and periodic tenancy
Smoke alarm requirements
Executing forms and documents
Arrears and Eviction
Monitoring arrears and timelines
Executing RTA forms
Documenting information
Leasing Listing Marketing and Advertising
Pricing the property
Market conditions and comparable properties
Marketing strategy and promotion

How to achieve the best results
Advertising portals

Vacating Procedure
How to get the best outcomes from vacating tenants
Forms and checklists required
Once keys are returned
Handy vacate tips
Vacate flowchart

Dispute Resolution
How to get the best outcome from disputes
Negotiating a dispute
RTA forms and process
What happens when disputes are unresolved

Defining urgent and non-urgent applications
Completing QCAT paperwork
Preparing for a QCAT hearing and potential outcomes and case studies

Trust accounting and Invoicing
Reconciling a trust account
Laws and requirements
Receipting and invoicing
Trust audit requirements

New Business Prospecting, Pitching, Marketing and Securing
Networking, databasing and prospecting
How to build your rent roll
Keeping in contact and touch points
Working with salespeople

Change of agency and Lost Management
Preparing the correct documentation upon loss
How to process and complete paperwork when a property is sold

Yes, we offer a credit card payment plan of 50% of course cost as 1st installment and the balance payable by credit card weekly over the length of your course. We also offer student loans. Please contact us for more information.

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